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Jessica Simpson made my shawl famous back when she had her NewlyWeds reality show. It was a HUGE success....and after hundreds of emails asking for us to make it it is! Please note that every shawl is hand made and therefore, can be a little different from one another. Even the yarn we use is hand processed and hand dyed. And that is why, these shawls are so unique and beautiful. 



*cotton fringes

*Hand knitted

*Hand wash or dry clean


*Most of our items will be made once we receive your order. Our designs are hand crafted and therefore, we do not work with stock. Please email us to find out when would this product be delivered. 



Pre Order is NOW available! We will notify you when it is ready to ship! We have a waitlist, so don't hesitate to order so you get yours on our first new production of hand made shawls! Around 30-60 days will be worth it!
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